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PLAYITA IBIZA designs beautiful, high quality blankets and t-shirts for the beach lovers. We bring fashion to the beach in a sustainable way.

This wonderful and very special brand holds a story.

PLAYITA IBIZA was founded in 2016 by two siblings from Ibiza. Having grown up at the beach they realized about the lack of well designed, sustainable and quality beach blankets.

Next step was travelling the world to look for manufacturers that match our quality and sustainability criteria to deliver high quality products designed in Ibiza.

Our brand is not only about blankets and tshirts but about the lifestyle we believe in. We bring fresh, creative and open minded designs created to empower freedom and to raise awareness about climate change and sustainable practices.

Moreover, as beach lovers and nature passionates, PLAYITA IBIZA partially funds actions that fight the climate change and clean plastic from the beaches and oceans.

Join us and lets create a better world together.

Because we care and many are following.



It hides in the sand and sea of a little paradise island called Ibiza. A place known for its endless summer days , unreal secret locations and magical unknown nights. An isle in which you can let go of all worries and just flow into the perfect state of mind.  

Specialized on beach textiles, the brand was founded by two authentic ibicencos.

We are giving you the key, you just have to go and live the memories it shall hold.

Your signature beach blankets and clothing brand



All our products are made of 100% premium organic cotton with the aim of making sustainable and yet more efficient textiles for a better world.

Organic cotton benefits:

  • Less water used

  • No pesticides, no GMO

  • Better soil conservation

  • No harm for workers and the environment

  • By using organic cotton you dont expose your skin to toxins (as you do with non organic cotton)

All our products are fair trade and eco friendly.

Be part of it and buy sustainable

Protecting our planet and protecting you